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Legendary kit offering tons of parts to make the most beautiful of all F1 cars: Ferarri 126C2, Long Beach version.

Included are parts in white metal, photo etched detail sheets in stainless & copper, body parts in carbon, machined aluminum parts (monocoque, wheels & air intakes), decal sheet, manual, certificate.

I have checked this kit for completeness as Promocom has a very bad reputation when it comes to this. What i found out & can garantee is this: kit has all the parts as should be, except 2 bags of rivets/bolts (which you can easily find yourself) and 1 white metal rod of 12cm long and diameter 2.5mm (there are 5 of these in the kit, but building manual says there need to be 6). Apart from these items the kit is complete, so all metal parts are there, all photo etch detail sheets are there, all carbon body parts are accounted for, decal is included & in new condition.

This kit came to us from a private collector who did start cleaning some of the parts. As can be seen in the picture, the 11 parts presented on the blue background have had some cleaning done. Cleaning of these parts was never finished, so you still need to tweak to your own standard. Other than this, no work has been done.

We include an extra decal sheet of our own make which offers more correct colours, designs & logos compared to the original sheet. On our decal sheet, you will also find some extra logos who will fit the electronic boxes.

Seen the bad reputation promocom had for completeness of kits, I will not take kit back once sold as that would mean I need to check kit all over again for completeness. I want to avoid someone buying my kit, grabbing parts missing in his kit, and send me back the rest.

To ensure my safety in this transaction, i will only accept payment per bank transfer, no PayPal. Should you buy & pay PayPal, you will get refunded, so when bought, please wait for my invoice with bank transfer details to finalise deal.Thank you for your understanding.

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material : multi-media
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