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Let's face it: standard, all cars are left hand driven. So, most model kits of cars depict left hand driven setups. But this is not the case for Tamiya's 1/12 Datsun kits. Both the 240ZG and the 240Z SAFARI come with steering column placed on the right hand side of the car. Obviously, that the Japanse Datsun car originally was right hand driven, did not help to overhaul Tamiya to do otherwise ;-))

Overseas, the 240Z became a big hit, both on & off the racing track. Of course, these cars were left hand driven...

The 'left hand drive' set on offer, includes all parts for an easy & succesfull conversion of your right hand driven 1/12 Tamiya Datsun 240ZG/240Z model kit. It was developed in a way so it can take most of Tamiya's original kit parts. The few parts that needed altering are all included:
- full width left hand driven dash board
- mirrored steering rack
- mirrored part D4, to fit the new steering rack.

The parts are 3D drawn & then high res 3D printed, and will get shipped with only a minimal of cleaning done, so you need to finish the job. Any modest builder familiar with sanding paper & primer, should be able to prep without any difficulties. Perfect fit, crisp detail garanteed. BBK quality, quoi!

Kit features:
3 high resolution 3D printed parts, cleanup is needed but easily do-able

stock: available
price: Euro 49.00
material : multi-media