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ATG.12R-RS12-BORR-DUN, scale 1/12 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

This wire wheel kit contains all the parts to build 4 complete wire wheels plus 4 Dunlop racing tires in rubber with excellent quality and profiling. The rims and hubs are turned from aluminium, spokes are polished German silver, the nipples nickel-plated copper. Specifically, the kit contains the following components:
  • 4 CNC machined aluminum wheels, front and rear wheels in various widths
  • 4 CNC machined hubs
  • 1 0.3 mm German silver ring for rear spokes layer
  • 1 set straight wires (German silver) 0.3 mm spokes for front layer
  • 300 Nipple - Tailored for
  • 4 polished wheel nuts with fine thread
  • Instruction in color
  • 4 DUNLOP Racing tires of different widths for front and rear
  • Foam rubber material for reinforcement of rubber tires

This kit is not for the faint at hart: spokes need to be cut to appropriate length & partially bent, holes for spokes need to be drilled out of alu rims (you get PE template to guide you). Detailed building manual (29 pages) including many pics will guide you through... Ok, a lot of effort, but the result is stunning.

stock: backorder
price: TBA
material : mainly metal
kit needs constructing