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BBK.TK12-12007, scale 1/12 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

In 1967, Tadek Marek designed the AM Project 218 V8 5.0 engine which would be used to power Aston Martins entries of the Le Mans 24Hr & Nurnburgring 12Hr races held that year. The Nurnburgring race showed that the engine had great potential, but at Le Mans, the engine failed in such a way (both cars fell out due to mechanical problems, they were amongst the first ones to retreat) that Aston Martin decided to leave active racing instantly...

Tamiya used the Nurnburgring entry as box art for their big scale Lola kit. Unfortunately, Tamiya supplied a 5.0 Chevrolet engine in its kit, and although that engine was the more popular & reliable one to be fitted into the Lola, at Nurnburgring and at Le Mans, the Lola's were powered by an Aston Martin engine: AM Project 218.

The model on offer provides the 1967 Le Mans & Nurnburgring correct engine and even addresses the different intake setups used during these races.
The engine was 3D drawn, and then the drawings were checked for correctness by former Aston Martin mechanic Mr. David Morgan, who accompanied the car during its 1967 race adventures. All this effort to ensure you get an historical correct model, executed to highest standards. BBK quality, quoi!

Kit features:
80+ resin parts (3D drawn, 3D printed, finest resin casted with crisp detail), 20+ alu machined parts which represent the fittings to connect the fuel meter unit to fuel pressure pump & injectors, 140+ 0.8mm alu simulated hex nuts&stud & 100+ 0.6mm alu simulated hex nut&stud to 'bolt' the engine together & close (no bolts have been modeled & molded, but you'll find little holes that will take these simulated nuts&stud to represent ultimate realism). Easy fit and very little flash to clean up.
The engine shows inner detail: both cylinder banks have detail inside and each head shows valves + double camshafts + drive chain. Build it open or closed. Different air intake manifolds supplied for both Nurnburgring & Le Mans versions. Full 3D drawn building manual with clear sequences.

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material : multi-media