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BBK.DC12-12013, scale 1/12 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

If you got hold of the recent issue of this kit, you won't be needing these, as colors used on decal sheet are correct. The older issues however, have the yellow color all wrong. In real life, the yellow was a very bright, fluorescent yellow, and not the 'late-evening-sun' yellow as provided in the kit. This set solves this problem. And offers all other logos you'll need for a full build/rebuild of this iconic car. Also includes some additional logos from Fire-Fighter, Kingsley, Graviner and starter/ignition dash logos.

Kit features:2 sheet silk screen printed replacement decal for Tamiya 1/12 P34 Six Wheeler. The florescent yellow is printed on a separate sheet and needs to be placed on top of corresponding white logo.
This way, alignment can be done perfectly, so no white comes sneaking out from underneath, and - even worse if - no color of the cars body will bleed through the yellow, a technical shortcoming most decals show when using fluorescent colors. Well, this won't ;-))

When receiving the decals, don't let the green/lime hue of the small sheet logos scare you off: decals are yellow, but because the logos are translucent, the light blue backing paper color bleeds through the yellow leaving you with green/lime. Once placed on backing white logos, a perfect matching fluorescent yellow color is the result. Waaw.

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