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ICO-RT20-2016, scale 1/20 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

The set is designed to fit a number of kits, however the list of kits keeps growing as the kit manufactures keep releasing new kits from this era. The suitable years this GY tire set covers would be 1985 - 1991. However this tread pattern was also used as a option tire on into the mid 1990's. The current kit list is as follows: Fujimi Lotus 97T**, kit #9064 & #9074, Tamiya Williams FW11, kit #20019, Tamiya Lotus 99T, kit #20020, Fujimi Ferrari F1-87 early type**, kit #9063, Fujimi Ferrari F187/88C**, kit #9049 & #9055, Tamiya Benetton B188, kit #20021, Tamiya McLaren MP4/4, kit #20022, Tamiya Ferrari F189 (640) early & late type, kits #20023 & #20024, Fujimi Ferrari 641/2**, kit #9037, Fujimi Ferrari F1-90 (641/2)**, kit #9043, Fujimi Ferrari F1-90**,#9045, Tamiya Williams FW13B, kit #20025, Fujimi McLaren MP4/5**, kit #9057, #9062 & #9066, Tamiya McLaren MP4/5B, kit #20026, Tamiya Leyton House CG901B, kit #20028, Fujimi McLaren MP4/6**, kit #9044, #9051 & #9073, Tamiya Lotus 102B, kit #20030 & the Tamiya Jordan 191, kit #20032. The set features the classic Wingfoot "V" groove tread pattern similar to that of the tires of the early 80's.

Kit features:
Set of 4 soft resin (rubber like) tires & decals. Color: black.

**Wheel modifications may be required for this tire set to fit on the specified model kit

stock: backorder
price: TBA
material : resin