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The set fits the Fujimi Ferrari 248F1, kit #9041, #9046, #9047 & #9050, Fujimi Ferrari F-2007, kit #9048, #9056, #9061, #9068 & #9072. This is the third generation Bridgestone Formula 1 tire. In an effort to increase the foot print of the tire Bridgestone adopted an over all shape very similar to that of the current Michelin tires of the time by squaring off the shoulders of the tire. The suitable year for this tire set would be 2004-2008. The set features the 4-Groove front tire & 4-Groove rear tire tread design introduced into Formula 1 at the start of the 1999 season. This is a dry weather replacement tire set intended for those who wish to replace the rubber kit tires with resin tires.

Kit features:
Set of 4 soft resin (rubber like) tires & decals. Color: black.

**Wheel modifications may be required for this tire set to fit on the specified model kit

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price: Euro 41.00
material : resin