new in shop DISCLAIMER

1. Most of the kits offers, are new and come to you in factory sealed / sealed inside condition.
Some of the items listed however, are vintage finds that are often over 15 to 20 years old. This surely applies to the Tamiya BS series (12000 and 16000) and the Guillow 100 serie.
Unless clearly mentioned otherwise in the item description on the item detail page, these kits are flawless: complete, not started and in mint condition. Boxes and manuals however might have some creases / yellowing / torn corners which is normal for kits of this size and/or age. Any substantial damage to boxes or other important irregularities will be reported in correspondence that will follow on the order mail form.
2. Items delivered might differ slightly from (stock)picture as shown in web store.
3. Item price, description & stock availability are subject to change without any notice.
4. Customer is responsible for VAT / customs if any.
5. Delivery is non insured unless mutual agreed otherwise and paid for by customer.
6. If no insurance is purchased, can not be held responsible for any loss or damage that would occur once the items have left the shop.
7. Items will only ship after payment became effective and 100% complete. No exceptions.
8. Returns are accepted if:
- gets notified of intention of return before returning
- item(s) is (are) returned within 7 days after arrival (arrival date = 14 business days after shipment day as seen on stamp, unless proven otherwise)
- items come returned undamged, packaging unopened, complete
- shipping is paid by customer who is returning item(s)
- in case of non arrival of returned item(s), returner will need to prove shipment.
9. Returned items who meet conditions as described in point 8 above, will get full refund, less original shipping costs, all others will go in bin and get no refund.

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